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  • Game Serveronline
  • Login Serveronline
  • Server Type Leveling Srv
  • Client Version 5065
  • Max Reborn 3
  • Server Time
  • Exp: High
    Drop: 5000K CPS
    Staff Level 140
    Max Level: 137
    Characters: 3925
    Total Acounts: 3755

New Age Conquer Online server


Events and some Features!!!

GuildWar starts on Friday at 07:00 PM untill Saturday at 08:00 AM !!!

Jade defend quest, 215 CPs every time you complete it, can be done as many times as you want per day !!!

Hunting Quests is varied depending on the class to which it belongs

Box Hunter Quest Defender spawns 5 times per 24 hours, defeat him and then collect boxes to change them for rewards

Publish date 03.04.2018, 10:51 AM

Maintenance !!!

On 02.04..2015 we will have the server offline for one hour start with 10:00 PM for maintenance. Thank you for understanding.

Publish date 01.04.2016, 07:39 AM

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